Monday, March 15, 2010

Shopaholic Haul Feb 2010 - VS, GAP, Forever 21 + 30% Off Coupon

Very late to post my shopaholic haul. Haha, these are just some of the items I picked up over the last month. Most of you might be more interested in knowing how those Victoria's Secret clothing are before you purchase them online.

1. Victoria's Secrets VIA Button-up Wool Trench coat $89.25 Size 2 regular
Price: $89.25 (used the 25% off Full Price item coupon)
Size: 2
Color: Black
I've been wanting to get this jacket for a long time. It looks so great on Alessandra! (She's by far the best model from VS). They've actually had this jacket for at least 2 years now. Once winter season is gone, I think they just take it off their website. Anyway, I was pretty disappointed with this jacket, its SOOO thin, so much for a wool jacket. The material is also pretty rough. But I'm glad I got a size 2, it's very fitted and long. Just not a winter coat, maybe a nice spring jacket at most.

    Victoria's Secret VIA Button-up wool trench coat on Alessandra (looks so nice on her!)

    Actual Jacket (Not as pretty as on Alessandra, but still very nice)
    See how thin the material is. =(
2. Victoria's Secret Elbow-sleeve double v-neck tee & Yoga Skirted Leggings
Price: $9.99 and $14.99
Size: Small and Small
Color: Royal Grape and Blue Violet
Got these during their clearance sale. The tee is just a basic tee but I like VS's cotton clothing, all very soft. I actually like the skirted leggings the most. It's soooo soft and stretchy. The cinched skirted detail was very lovely. Although the actual color of the Blue Violet seems much more lighter than their model picture. It's ok, I ordered it in Blue Violet because I wanted different color leggings anyway.
Victoria's Secret Elbow-sleeve double v-neck tee & Yoga Skirted Leggings
3. Gap Drawstring Shirt Dress & Cropped Jacket
Price: $32.73 and $16.50
Size: XS and XS
Color: true black and rublo taupe
I got these at GAP on President's day, they had a 1 day sale going on. Everything was 40% off (45% if you have a Gap card), even sale items!  The drawstring dress is super cute. Very comfortable. It's made from that denim look-alike material. The jacket doesn't look very appealing on Gap's website and I definitely won't be wearing it button-up. Haha, I don't like how it looks buttoned up. But it looked really nice on me unbuttoned (at least that's what the BF said =)
Gap Drawstring Shirt Dress & Cropped Jacket
4. Forever 21 Gray Dress and Tank Top
Price: $9.80 and $2.99
Size: S and S
Color: gray and ivory
Forever 21 is actually one of my favorite stores. Mostly because they have super trendy stuff and always at a cheap price. C'mon $9.80 for a dress?! ^_^   I was very happy, though it is true that you pay for what you get, quality isn't great. But my clothes have yet to fall apart. So it's ALLLLL GOOOOOOOOD. The dress would look great with leggings.
Forever 21 Gray Dress and Tank Top
5. Abercrombie & Fitch Wool Peacoat
Price: $39.50
Size: S
Color: Taupe
Yes, you saw right, this peacoat was only $39.50! I couldn't help myself but try it on. Its very warm too, extra thick with an insulated lining. Got this at the outlet mall, I love shopping through winter clearance sales.
Abercrombie & Fitch Wool Peacoat
6. Winter Beret Cable Knit Hat
Price: $7.00
Size: One size
Color: Black
Yup, another hat. It looks so cute. And since I don't have a black one.....  =P
Winter Beret Cable Knit Hat
That's it! That's what I've been buying the last month or so. Troubling when you see more sales and coupons coming up.

Coupon Code:
If you've read through this much of my post, your treat is a 30% off coupon at Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy, good from 03/18/2010 till 03/21/2010.

If you respond/comment, I'll send you a copy that you can use at the Gap and Banana Republic OUTLETs as well!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review: Missha Nail Color

So I bought a bunch of these during Missha's January clearance sale. Who can blame me they were only 45 cents each!! You can check them out  here they are available in their clearance sale right now with a pretty good selection in colors.
45 cents Nail Polish! I had 2 others that I started using already. From left to right: WH102, RD103, BE103, and PK106
The packaging of the nail polish is very pretty and cute in a flower shape (their logo signature) glass bottle. And for the price you get a decent amount (11.5mL).

Now I usually only wear sheer and neutral colors because of work. Their selection choices included a lot of glittery and sheer colors. I bought the beige and the glittery colors.

The scent of nail polish is always very strong (my brother usually runs away when he sees me take one out). These didn't smell too awful when I opened them.

I like the fact that they're pretty runny. I'm really bad with applying nail polish, so being runny is good to me. I thought the brush was a bit short though, it might be a problem when I use it up. Haha, probably not a problem for me because I never finish any one bottle of nail polish  before it dries out anyway.  =)

After applying my base coat, applying the color was pretty easy. But it took forever to dry! Even with a very thin coat, my nails just didn't dry. After 30 mins or so, I went to bed only to find super messy and icky nails in the morning. Very disappointing. I had to wash it off right before I went to work, the ELF nail polish remover pads proved to be super handy once again.
My Left hand is wearing BE103 and my right hand is just base coat.
I gave these nail polish another chance this time after waiting for about 15 mins or so, I put the top coat on right away. I used the Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat.
Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat, very shiny and dries really fast.
The Missha Nail Color was instantly sealed with a super smooth and shiny coat. It was actually the first time I used this top coat. Very refine and runny just like the Sally Hansen ones. Top coats should be this way so that you can reapply as often as possible to seal in chipped nails. We'll see how long it'll last me.

This BE103 color doesn't dry as fast as the glittery one I tried. The red one (RD103) actually dried pretty quickly and wasn't sticky at all. Seems like the ones with glitter and an iridescent color dries much faster. But those were really, really sheer as oppose to this solid nude color. RD103 merely left a pink hue on my nails with lots of glitter.

With the top coat on, I really like the outcome. Very soft nude color but not completely invisible under the eye. Totally worth it for the 45 cents!

Update: I finally decided I should wash off the nail polish. The nail color along with the top coat actually stayed on my nails for 7 FULL DAYS! =O      My longest ever! Actually to my surprise, the nail polish (Missha Nail Color) only that I played with and applied on my toes are still there, unchipped!  But hands being washed constantly I'm still very surprised that it made it this far! Too bad they don't have many colors that I'll actually wear. =)  I might stock up though. Haha... another haul?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Missha Beauty Shopping Haul Feb 2010

Ahh.. finally my second haul! Sorry it took me so long. But here it is. I got this during Missha's anniversary sale, which included a $20 off $40 purchase coupon! Great way for me to try out their M Prism Multi Blusher and the Missha M Shiny BB Cream SPF 27 PA++.
The Bill
I wanted to make sure I get $40 purchase so I can qualify for their free shipping. ^_^
Missha Beauty Shopping Haul Feb 2010 (Deluxe Sampler not included)
First of all, I want to thank the reader of this blog who referred me on Missha. I was qualified for another deluxe sampler! Last time, I already wrote how much the deluxe sampler is worth here. So keep referring your friends. Missha will automatically add a coupon into your account for a free deluxe sampler set. Their shipping fee increased to $8.99 now.

These product reviews will be available real soon! =)

Just a quick recap on Missha deals and steals:
  • Get 20% off right now when you sign up AND receive a deluxe sampler set. You can sign up here.
  • If you're already a customer, no worries, you can still refer your friends Add as the "Referer Email" please. ^_^
  • Free shipping on all purchases over $40! They are currently running a clearance sale! Don't miss your chance to try out these products.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Missha Deluxe Sampler Review Event Winner!

I won! I won! I won!  =D  haha am so very happy. I want to thank the Missha team for picking me. The other winners have some great reviews too. See here for winners list. Now I can't wait to get the full size version of the sampler! =D  I smell another Missha haul coming right up!
Missha's Deluxe Sampler Review Event Winners!
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