Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review: O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask

As most of you know, from my first haul, I got a bunch of what they call "sleeping masks". So what are sleeping masks? Well, they're basically masks that you can use in your sleep. Haha =P  Okay, so some more detail, sleeping masks usually come in a cream/lotion form instead of paper masks and you can leave it on your face for a much longer period of time than the usual 10-15 mins. Perfect for lazy people like me that just can't ever find the time to chill out for 20+ mins with paper masks.

First sleeping mask I tried: O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask USD $13.00 for 2 jars.
O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask
Seriously "Clear" Spa Sleeping Mask
Jello like Sleeping Mask in the Jar
Mask Description
  • Brand - Not sure, but it looks like a Chinese/Taiwanese brand. Only available overseas.
  • Specification - For purifying, hydrating, relaxing and anti-oxidant
  • Size - 50mL (1.75 oz.) size in a plastic cream jar.
  • Directions - Use 2-3 times a week
  • Ingredients - Aqua, Rosehip extract, Allantoin, 1,3 - Butanediol, Glycerin, Lubrajel LG, Proteasyl, VB5 Vitamin E, Licorice extract, Humecto Am-20, Triethanolamine, Germall plus, Perfume.  (all gibberish to me except the first 2).
Mask Review
  • Scent - Rose scent. I think this is the brand's iconic scent. All their products have Rosehip extract. But I don't like the smell, haha mostly because it reminds me of the air freshener my mom uses in the bathroom. It's just a very plain rose smell. 1 star *
  • Mask Essense - The mask is more like a gel. It looks really clear, but as you can see from the inside of the jar, it's blue. Very pretty just by looking at it and cool to the touch.
  • Overall Experience - I apply the mask on my face after cleansing. I'm not sure if I'm using too much, but I realize I need to get about half a ring finger of the mask 3 times in order to cover my entire face. It applies very smoothly and feels really nice and hydrating. My entire face becomes all shiny because of the gel. I put my hair up with my Dariya Hair Pads to keep my bangs and hair away from my face. When I wake up the next morning, most of the gel is gone (probably rubbed it all over my sheets since I move around so much in my sleep), but when I wash my face, I can feel the slimy essence on my face. My skin looks very radiant afterwards! This is definitely a hydrating mask, I don't feel the need to put on any lotions or creams after I wash my face. My face doesn't feel tight like it usually does when I just wash it with plain water.
  • Will I buy it again? - Probably, but I'll like to try the brand's other line first. =)
On a Personal Note~

I'm going to Taiwan & Japan next month! In less than 3 weeks! I'm so excited. I've been so busy planning and trying to find hotels and places to visit. BUT one thing for sure, I'm packing an EMPTY suitcase with me! Haha, can't wait to bring all those beauty goodies back from those 2 countries. =P

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sasa Beauty Shopping Haul Mar 2010 Beauty Shopping Haul Mar 2010
My haul finally delivered today! >.< UGH....  Waited for it for almost 1 FULL month! I ordered on March 14! Funny thing was, it was supposed to be on US grounds on March 21! So what was it doing just sitting there at the airport?! THIS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!
Beauty Formulas FACE & BODY Cooling Mist (75 ml Aerosol Spray) - $1.90
I forgot that the package was shipping from Hong Kong, aerosol cans would have a problem on the plane. =(  I would never have bought this if I realized it'll make my order arrive almost 3 weeks later! Notice the top of the Cooling Mist has a messed up sticker, the spray can LEAKED! And more than half the bottle was GONE! Thank goodness it was nicely bubbled wrapped, so nothing else was destroyed. =(

I bought this Beauty Formulas FACE & BODY Cooling Mist as a cheaper alternative to Evian's Mineral Water Spray Duo To Go (1.7oz for each spray for $12.00). Here's a quick review of me testing what's left of the spray. One pump of the mist actually sprays out too much. The water is lightly scented though the can only lists distilled water as the ingredient. But it does feel really nice after spraying on my face. My makeup/BB cream was already wearing off and started looking cakey when I came home after work, but after patting in the mist water, my face instantly looked nice and dewy and fresh! =) Now I'm seriously considering getting the Evian Duo, even if it means paying $6.00 for 1.7 oz of water in a can. =P
SK-II WHITENING SOURCE Derm-Renewal Essence (2.8 g) compared to my index finger!! - $3.70
Another very disappointing purchase from this order: SK-II WHITENING SOURCE Derm-Renewal Essence (2.8 g) $3.70. My goodness I never knew that 2.8 g can be THAT small. There's not that much product in this teeny bottle. Probably only enough for me to sample for a handful of times.

Anyway, the only reason I shopped at in the first place was for the Silk Whitia masks that fuzkittie swears on. =)  And with their Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale on these masks, its definitely a bargain.

Overall, the site was very easy to use. Haha, at least it was real English. And they have translations for their reviews too! The packaging was perfect, EVERYTHING was bubble-wrapped. Just make sure you don't buy any aerosol cans! Unless you're willing to wait and want to risk losing half the product.
Coupons/Sales for
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $75
  • Buy One Get One Free on Silk Whitia Masks!
  • Free Samples with orders (I got 20 pcs of comestic cotton pads from the Sasa brand)
  • Loyalty program that gets you cute free stuff!

Review: Missha Green Grape Yogurt Sheet Mask

Finally got a chance to review this mask! I got the Missha Yogurt Sheet Mask in Green Grape during one of my January Missha Hauls.
Missha Beauty Shopping Haul Jan 2010
I decided to get them because they were only $0.60 on Missha's clearance page here. I've never been much of a mask fan because I have very sensitive skin. I once used a Shiseido mask that ended up irritating my face soooo badly, it got ALL red for a couple of days.
So for $.60 I got a couple of these.
Missha Green Grape Yogurt Sheet Mask (1 sheet - $0.60)
Mask Ingredients and Directions
Missha Green Grape Yogurt Sheet Mask  -- Actual Mask
Mask Review
  • Size - This face mask is REALLY big, out of all the masks I've ever used (which isn't many) this was very big. It was too big for my face. The sides of the mask was covering my ears. The slits were off, mostly because the mask was too big. There were no eye covering pieces.
  • Scent - Smelled exactly like its name, Green Grape. =P  It was actually a very nice relaxing scent that I enjoyed. 5 stars! *****
  • Mask Essence - I think it was just right for my face. No dripping and messy essence overflow. The mask formula wasn't too thick like lotion nor too watery. =P
  • Overall Experience - The directions say to leave on for 20-30 mins, so what do I do? Leave it on for 15 mins! (Haha, why? Because I really have very sensitive skin, my face turned red and rashy after 1 bad experience, so from now on, I try to be extra careful.) So for the 15 mins resting with the mask on, it felt very soothing, especially with the grape scent. After washing off the mask, my face felt very soft and radiant, as if I just exfoliated. Although the effects of the mask didn't last more than a day. I'll definitely get it again since it's only $0.60.
P.S. As of the time of this review, no longer have this mask in stock. But you can try their retail stores.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Missha & Cosme-De Beauty Shopping Haul Mar 2010

Haha, another haul post! Well this time, I did it for a purpose (for the Missha purchase anyway) =)  to claim my winning prize for the Missha Sampler Review contest! You can check out my winning post here.

Missha Mar 2010 Haul
Once again, Missha ships out super fast! I got it within 2 days after they dispatched it. Nicely package so I have more boxes of peanuts. ^_^ I did notice that they increased their shipping charges, it's now $8.99. So make sure you rack up at least a $40 purchase to get that FREE SHIPPING!

Unfortunately, it looks like Missha took away the 20% coupon for first time shoppers, it's only 10% now but you still get their Deluxe Sampler. Go sign up here and put as the referrer email!

 The Missha Mar 2010 Damage (I mean Bill).
There are a lot of items on their clearance page. This time I got mostly their makeup products. I really wanted to try out their 270 Mascara! Got really tempted after watching this commercial. Will review how it comes out. (I know, I know, I owe a lot of reviews.)

Youtube Commerical

Next, I started browsing fuzkittie's blog and got very tempted to try out the Silk Whitia masks that she boasts about. =)  Sooooo I have another haul from that should be coming soon. =(  though it's been more than 2 weeks since I purchased, it still hasn't arrive yet.

On the other hand, I purchased something from, which is another Hong Kong Online Beauty retailer, and I received my package in less than 5 days!!! (I don't even get my US orders delivered as quickly!)  They seem to be a very promising online retailer as well. Best of all, they provide FREE SHIPPING for ALL ORDERS! O'slee Haul
I was reading about these sleeping masks from O'slee, so I decided to give it a try. It makes it so much better that they had a BOGO sale on O'slee products. So I got O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask, Rosehip Revitalizing Hand Therapy, and Skin Aerobic Whitening Sleeping Mask. All Buy One Get One Free. ^_^V  They also have a $5 coupon off $25 purchase if you are a first time customer.
The Bill (not too bad)
Last item from beauty haul, Laneige sample pack. =)  Retails for $13 from but I got it off from an eBay seller (seller sold out now). Very small in size but nice for travel.
Laneige Snow Crystal Clear & Hydrated Skin Sampler
Coupon Summary:
  1. Missha

    • 10% off for first time registrants (add as the referrer email!)
    • Free Shipping for orders over $40.
    • Clearance sale ongoing.

    • $5 off $25 purchase for first time registrants (add as the referrer email!)
    • Free Shipping for ALL ORDERS.
    • Promotion sale ongoing.
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