Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: Mascara Showdown - Clinique, Missha, Revlon

I have very short, straight lashes, no matter how I curl them, they end up sticking out straight. Kinda sad. I've tried out numerous mascaras, here's a few that I'm currently trying out. Just want you all to be clear, I don't always praise the things I review. I can complain too. =P

Mascara Showdown - From Right to Left - Revlon Double Twist, Missha The Style HD Viewer 270 Mascara Setting Volume, Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara, and Clinique Lash Definition Mascara

  1. Missha The Style HD Viewer 270 Mascara Setting Volume & Professional Volume $5.99 - I got these during one of my Missha hauls. It's actually not that bad. Volumizes and extends my lashes pretty well. Formula is not too dry. Did not smear/smudge on me at all. Lasts me all day long. I really like it, except it's hard to wipe off. This is not a waterproof mascara, so generally I would think it'll come right off with warm water, it actually leaves residue when I try to wash it. You will definitely need makeup remover to get rid of it. Both the Setting Volume and Professional Volume seem to have the same effect on me. They have the same brush comb too except the Professional Volume one is a bit bigger. <3<3<3

    Missha The Style HD Viewer 270 Mascara Setting Volume & Professional Volume

    Missha The Style HD Viewer 270 Mascara Setting Volume (top) and Professional Volume (bottom)

  2. Clinique's Lash Doubling Mascara $14, High Definition Mascara $14 - I have a bunch of Clinique sample mascaras, (thanks to my mom and her friend's shopping sprees). I've tried these both so far and I really love them. Not that I see a difference between the two. I think they have the same exact effect on me. Don't really volumize, but they extend my lashes and really spread the individual lashes out. Very long lasting also, but it smudges a bit through out the day. Easily washes off with warm water, so don't cry! <3<3<3<

    Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
     Clinique High Definition Mascara

  3. Revlon Double Twist Mascara $9 - I got it as part of a special 2 pack deal at CVS for $9. I thought it was a  great deal and w/ Jessica Alba's picture on it, I bought it right away. It has a huge comb to supposedly thicken lashes and the longer bristle sections to define individual lashes. The result: clumpy eyelashes with smudge spots all over the eye area. The comb was way too big and oddly shaped, by the time I have one side touching the roots of my lashes, the other side of the comb already smeared all over my eye lids. Horrible mascara and it leaves clumps. Needless to say, I got rid of the other one right away. I think it would probably work for those who already have long lashes.

     Revlon Double Twist Mascara (the bristles look scary!)

I finally found my holy grail eyelash curler! I've tried out numerous curlers and haven't found one that I really liked. This curler I actually got during my sasa.com haul. It's the Kai Teeny’er Lash Curler ($2.60). It's a Japanese brand, and sasa.com don't seem to sell it overseas anymore. At first glance, I thought this was a horrible curler because the arch was just sooo curvy. Little did I know, it fits my eyes perfectly. It doesn't pinch my eyelids and it covers my entire lashline with 1 curl. I guess I have curvy Asian eyes.=P
Kai Teeny'er Eye Curler
Kai Teeny'er Eye Curler's Curve Arch

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Taiwan/Japan Trip Beauty Haul

Back to the home sweet home, though I do miss those 2 countries already. Definitely will be going back, everybody was so polite! How come people in NYC isn't like that? =P

Did quite a lot of shopping in those 2 major cities (Taipei and Tokyo). Everything was so pretty/cute/cheap! Yes even in Tokyo! Now I realize how much people jack up the prices on Asia-imported beauty online stores.
Beauty Haul from Taipei/Tokyo
Here's my beauty haul from the 2 countries. I actually didn't get a lot, nothing was too appealing to me. But I definitely saw BB creams everywhere! Most pharamacies in Taipei had a special beauty section just on BB creams alone. I didn't find any Kevin Beautymaker products! Grr.. that was one of my planned must-buys. Sigh. It's ok, next time. ;)
  1. Rosette Hello Kitty Collagen Face Wash (500 yen = ~$5.00) - Found this at Tokyo's RanKing RanQueen (they sell the top 3 products of various item types). This face wash was voted #2 face wash in Tokyo. =)  Plus it was so cute! I tried checking some US based beauty websites and they are selling this exact face wash for US $12!

    Rosette Hello Kitty Collagen Wash
  2. Shiseido Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo (NT 150 = ~$5.00) - During my studio picture shoot (yes, I took them in Taipei!) my makeup artist was putting on this beautiful lip gloss on me, so I had to go get one for myself. It's in a nude beige color. Very nice lip gloss, not sticky at all. <3<3<3 I saw this selling here for US $15! (crazy)

    Shiseido Majorca Majolica Honey Pump Lip Gloss

  3. Laniege Water Sleeping Pack_EX (NT 798 = ~$20.00) - Saw this at the Taipei International Airport's Duty Free shop, I've been wanting to try this brand out after seeing Bubzbeauty Youtube channel. A more detailed review to follow later (I know, I owe many), worth the money!

     Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

  4. L'egere Whitening Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller Pen (NT 300 = ~$10.00) - Saw this in the Queen show and I wanted to try it out. Can't reallly find L'egere products here in the US, but Taiwan's very big with them.

     L'egere Whitening Anti Dark Circles Eye Roller

Got a few beauty magazines. Yesasia really jacks up the price on the magazines. The Japanese Beauty magazines I saw in Tokyo like Nonno was only 698 yen (~US $8.00)! I can't read Japanese, so I got the magazines that gave out the best goodies. Most of the beauty/fashion magazines give out bags! =) Got 2 really cute ones, bags that is.
Japan Beauty & Fashion Magazine
The With Magazine even shows you how to use the bag!
Though the Taiwanese magazine I wanted most is the Queen Magazine, I couldn't find it anywhere, except the really old editions =T  Oh wellz, Yesasia it is! The Japanese magazines I picked up were mostly fashion magazines, the Taiwanese ones had more beauty and makeup how-tos.
Taiwanese Magazines w/ celebrities I know
Taiwanese Makeup How-To
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