Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review: Qiora Balancing Lotion

Before I start talking about the qiora Balancing Lotion, I want to give a quick background of the brand. qiora is part of the large Japanese Shiseido brand. It is not part of the skincare line that most of you in the United States knows about Shiseido. qiora has a smaller product line and is only sold at select stores. It is often seen as a higher end than the Shiseido skincare line like White Lucent and Beneficiance because it is far more pricier.

I bought a few products from qiora out of desperation when I was going through a long period of breakouts due to work stress. I was very fortunate to have very little experience with acne breakouts through my teen years and it was never a problem for me. But this past year, I was so stressed out by work and my relationship, I experienced the worst outbreaks ever that just won't leave me alone. I went to a Shiseido boutique store considering purchasing from their Pureness line but the sales representative actually recommended me to try out qiora instead (far more expensive, but quality and price are directly proportional right?).

I bought the qiora Face Cleanse and Moisture Balance also, which I'll review later. Here's some things I've noted about the Balancing Lotion.
Stock photo from for qiora Balancing Lotion
qiora Balancing Lotion Facts

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