Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: SKIN79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm (BB Cream)

(A Hurricane Sandy sweeping through East Coast post.)

The Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream has been the only BB cream that I've tried. There's so many BB creams out there now, but from what I've heard, the non-Korean ones are still not up to par. So I decided to branch out to the SKIN79 VIP Gold Collection Beblesh Balm from Jen (FrmHeadtoToe)'s recommendation.

Let's see if it's up to par as my beloved Missha Perfect Cover:

The Packaging

SKIN79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm Facts

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My New Project Pan 5

Well the title says it all, it's just 5 instead of the popular Project Pan 10. I'm currently in the process of preparing my room for renovations. Clearing out things that I don't want and need anymore. In the 3 years I've started using makeup, I've accumulated A LOT of beauty products. And of course with all the different sales, limited editions, gifts with purchases, 90% of them are barely touched. So to make sure products do get used up and their containers are out of my room, I'm starting this Project Pan. I thought it'll be a good idea to use this chance for short reviews for items that would probably never make its way into a detailed review.

Physician's Formula Powder Palette Multicolored Blush - Blushing Peach
I've owned this blush for years. It is a peachy summery color (like you can't tell from the name =P ) with a mix of matte and shimmers. It is somewhat pigmented but definitely as much as the Nars or Benefit blushes. Not very long lasting either, maybe for a few hours max. I generally don't see the color anymore after I get out of work. But I like to carry this in my purse because of the mirror & brush included in the palette, makes touch ups very convenient. I've hit pan on this, but it's still a long way to go.

(picture from Amazon)

philosophy on a clear day oil-free foaming acne cleanser
I bought this part of the philosophy on a clear day set but this line has been discontinued (it's still available on Amazon though). It has salicylic acid as an active ingredient, so I like to use this during my girly days when I'm more prone to breakouts. Well, if it indeed helps, I never saw the results. There's been no noticeable effects at all, so I wouldn't recommend it if that's what you're hoping for. As a regular.cleanser, I think it does the job. I like that its very lightweight and easy to wash off, no worries of residue leftover on your hair lines. Because its so lightweight, it makes a good cleanser to use in the morning just to wash off any oil buildup from overnight. But because it IS a foam cleanser, it doesn't work well with the Clarisonic brush, which is ok since I, only use it in the daytime. I only need 1 pump to get enough product to wash my face.


qiora Face Cleanser DH Cleanser
So to complement the philosophy cleanser, I use this qiora one. Also got it as part of a gift set. And is still $36 on Amazon and in Shiseido retail stores. Despite the name, this is a cream cleanser. It works up a beautiful lather and works perfectly with the Clarisonic. If you ever tried any of the Shiseido cleansers this is almost an identical twin. Light fragrance but not very makeup friendly. I don't love it enough to repurchase, especially when I have so many other cleansers.

(picture from

Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover
Now along with all those cleansers is this little makeup remover that I neglect. This is a two tone oil-based remover though you can't tell from the purple container. It removes makeup very well on a saturated cotton pad, but I don't wear waterproof makeup so I can't attest for that. I don't like using this remover by itself because it leaves a greasy residue on your face that forces you to use some other cleanser along with it. Definitely wouldn't repurchase, if you want to try an oil-based makeup remover, I'll suggest the DHC oil cleanser.
(picture from

Nivea Age Defying Q10plus Hand Cream
I bought this in one of my hauls for 90 cents and I believe it is not available in the US. It has q10 as one of its main ingredients so it aims to be an anti-aging skincare product. The hand cream is very moisturizing and feels heavy on the hands but not greasy. It has a light fragrance. I don't really see the anti aging effects on my hands but I like to keep this handy in my purse for fall/winter seasons. I can't really find it anymore but I think there's other hand creams out there that are just as promising.

And that's it for my project pan so far. I still have a lot of products I want to see hit pan but one step at a time! Let's see how well this goes, I already have a mental list of products I want to finish right after these are gone.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog Redesigned!

After 2 years of participating in the blogosphere, I've finally got up from my seat and give my home some serious redesigning! This little piggy is determined! Not sure what or how I'm going to do it. So please excuse the random glitches and layout changes that you may experience as I make those changes.

First thing you might notice is the new banner up top. No more boring font as the title of the blog. =)  You like?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Review: First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Cream

Originally I had planned to review the Skin79 BB cream that I bought earlier in the year, but with the Sephora Friends & Family lurking around in October, I figured I'll review the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream first instead.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (picture from Sephora)

When I bought the FAB set 2 year ago, frankly I was not impress. Originally I had hoped that the "intense therapy" of the cream will help me through the harsh dry winter, but it failed to do any more hydrating than my Aveeno Body Lotion. Needless to say it was sitting around my vanity nearly untouched.

A few weeks ago, I took it out and gave it a try again. My dad was hospitalized for a couple of days a few weeks ago. Either it was from the stress of worrying or I must have contaminated something on my face, my skin went bonkers! I wasn't exactly breaking out, but there were many clogged pores. My skin was irritated, itchy and patchy to the point where my face was just peeling and flaky. T_T I was so devastated! I was afraid to use any serums or my usual brightening moisturizers for fear it would only make the situation worse. But I can't just "let it be"!! So remembering the "relieve minor irritation" part of this cream, I whipped this out from the bottom of my vanity drawer and decided to give it a try.

And guess what? My prayers were answered! The first night, I applied it right before I went to bed. And the next day, I woke up to super hydrated skin! The flaky and itchiness was all gone. The dried patches were still there, but you can clearly see that my skin was healing. After a few days, my skin was back to it's old self. Enlarged pores were gone! Can't even see any of those clogged pores that was visible the prior week. Skin just looks and feels saturated (literally!).

Let's go through my usual review bullets:

First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Cream Facts

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