Saturday, December 15, 2012

Review: My First GlossyBox (November 2012)

After numerous posts and reviews from the beauty blogosphere, I was very excited with high expectations of my very first Glossybox. Glossybox is one of the many monthly beauty subscriptions that ship to you a selective number of beauty deluxe samples. A monthly subscription to Glossybox is $21 plus tax. In the past, they had included samples from Burberry Beauty and even a full size Missha Perfect Cover BB creams! (You can see why I was so tempted. )

I ordered my first Glossybox which is their November box. They had a promotion code that brought the price of the box down to $18. The box arrived on Black Friday actually. I was so excited to open it! And also got so disappointed! =( 

Here is what is included. Like every other reviewer, I fell in love with the representation of the box. A hard sturdy gift box that you can most definitely reuse! Inside was the nearly wrapped samples with a small pamphlet magazine.

First thing, the Glossybox didn't include any impressive brands that I've heard of except for the Illmasaqua lip pencil. I would have much prefer to try out their nail polish though. It did also include a full size Incoco nail polish strip in a pretty holiday red. I'm guessing Glossybox is planning to come out with their own makeup line because I've seen something from their own brand in all of the past boxes, which is ok if this is how they want to branch out to the public. But it is NOT ok if they send you broken/defective products. 

The Glossybox lipstick was rattling before I even open it. The color actually doesn't look bad at all, but this is ridiculous. And on top of that the Skin & Co Truffle Serum was completely dried out when I unscrew the cap.  When I squeeze the tube, it spit out the very last drop of moisture and that was it. I understand that these are just deluxe sizes that you would probably get free from Sephora, but if I have to pay for them than they should at least make it worthwhile!

I did contact customer service and their Twitter, both responded within a day or so assuring me that they would send me replacements. But now 3 weeks later, I still have not receive anything. Even worst calling and emailing their customer service line is like talking to a black hole. Nothing comes back. I am seriously disappointed at their service now and don't want to bother with them again. Even Skin & Co contacted me regarding the bad sample and offered a replacement. We'll see if that really happens. Their Twitter rep told me to let their main customer service know, but I haven't heard back then either.

I don't like the fact how they are so ambiguous with their subscription descriptions. Last week I realize that they charged me for another box, for full price. That's when I realized that even though I only paid for one month, they claim they are selling subscriptions hence they will automatically charge you full price monthly. No where on their website could you find the exact time period they would begin charging for future boxes! And even more annoying, in order to cancel the box, they purposely put in multiple pages and buttons that have double negative meanings to trick you into NOT canceling your box! This probably ticks me off the most because I'm in the IT field and we emphasize on website user-friendliness.

All in all, as soon as the last Glossybox shows up, I'm done with them!

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