Friday, April 5, 2013

Project Pan 5 to March Empties

If you remember from my earlier posts, I was working on a mini project pan for a few months. But it started becoming discouraging when I realize I still have products that I didn't hit pan! So instead of project pan, I'm moving on to monthly empties! (Might be two months even, I don't know yet, it'll depend on how much I can empty out first. If there isn't enough to show you guys, then I'll just spill it over the next month.) But at least this way, every so often I'll be showing off products that I'm done with. There's just too many makeup and skincare products in my vanity and bathroom and they seem to only grow with time. Maybe I'll do a post on my current collection, let me know if you are interested.

Anyway, enough jabbering, may I present to you, the March's empties!

(can you spot the GlossyBox?)

qiora Face Cleanser DH Cleanser - from project pan, mini review here. Sadly the sales rep at one of the Shisedo chain stores mention that the entire qiora line will be discontinued! Tempted to stock up now. =(

Nivea Age Defying Q10plus Hand Cream - from project pan, mini review here.

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme (not pictured)- from project pan, mini review here.

O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask - I had a full review this mask a while back, I noticed my skin being a lot more dry around the cheek area lately, so thought I'll whip it out and give it a try again. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you'll know about the adverse effect it had on me. Not sure if it was because it was expired or not, when I applied it, it was a little thicker than its usual jelly form, not too crazy though, I didn't give it much of a second thought. The next morning when I woke up, besides it being sticky on my face, everything was ok. But after I washed it off, my face started tingling and there were red patches all over my face, mostly in the T-zone area. Scary! Thank goodness the redness subsided within 2 hours, I had to cover it up with mineral foundation, I just couldn't go to work like that, I looked sick! So that's why it was forcefully emptied. =P I still have another unopened container, hopefully that will be better.

Milky Lips Baby Pink  - One of my favorite tinted lip balms. It looks hot pink in the tube but gives a much muted bright lip effect. One of my favorite lip balms because it leaves the lips looking dewy, hydrated and just the right amount of shine without the overly glossy effect of a lip gloss. I much prefer this over the fresh sugar lip treatments, because the fresh lip treatments can be a little greasy looking on the lips but these just feel like there's water on my lips. Now that I've teased you with its wonders, I really hate to let you guys know that it's actually discontinued. I can no longer find them at my local Japanese markets. If any of you see these lurking around the NYC area, please let me know!

Last up, UDPP.

Urban Decay Primer Potion - I'm not going to do a crazy review, the blogosphere has enough reviews on this little guy. (Enough that most of you probably understood  "UDPP".) This one in the original genie bottle came as part of my UD Naked palette. I do like it because it does help with eyeshadow creasing, but not all, there are times when I still notice some creasing with certain shadows. I don't really notice the difference in terms of color payoff enhancements it gives for eyeshadow though. To me, the color vibrancy looks the same with or without the primer.

That's it for this month, stay tuned for next month's empties, I foresee a lot of products, particularly skincare related. Have a nice weekend!
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